Arc Fault Protection

Arc flares are usually caused by faults when working in the switchgear, contaminants, foreign objects such as forgotten tools or animals entering the device. This means that even the most modern switchgear is at risk.

In the event of an arc failure, a tremendous amount of energy is released in milliseconds. Everyone close to the switchgear at that time is in great danger. Excessive temperatures, toxin combustion residues and explosive pressure waves are the greatest danger. The health and safety legislation clearly states that employers are responsible for the protection of their employees.

Active arc fault protection: Economically, an arc fault can be destructive. A damaged switchgear means no electricity! Stop production! Necessary repairs are often extensive. Sometimes the entire assembly needs to be replaced. Power outage is unacceptable for a modern company in today’s competitive environment. DEHNshort reacts to the switchgear before the arc failure causes serious damage and you are free to turn your attention to other things.