Building Protection

Residential Buildings Protection

Electrical appliances and systems make life easier in modern homes:

TV, stereo and video equipment, satellite systems Electric stoves, dishwashers and washing machines, dryers, refrigerators / freezers, coffee machines and so on. Laptops / PCs / tablet PCs, printers, smartphones, etc. Heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Only insurance coverage is not sufficient.

Dalgalanmalar bu cihazlara zarar verebilir ya da tamamen tahrip edebilir ve bu da birkaç bin avroluk maddi hasara yol açabilir. Bu finansal kayba ek olarak, dalgalanmalar genellikle kişisel verilerin kaybı (fotoğraf, video veya müzik dosyası) gibi maddi olmayan zararlara neden olur. Isıtma sistemi, panjurlar veya aydınlatma sistemi hasarlı kontrol cihazlarından dolayı arızalanırsa, dalgalanmaların sonuçları da sakıncalıdır. Ev sigortası iddiada olsa bile, kişisel veriler sonsuza dek kaybolur. Talep uzlaşma ve değiştirme zaman alır ve bir zorluktur. Bu nedenle dalgalanma koruması için önlem alınması şart!

First step: System protection

The first step is to consider all lines leaving or entering the building: power supply / telephone / lighting lines, TV / SAT connections, connections for PV systems, etc.

In residential buildings, meter and sub-circuit distribution boards are usually placed in a single panel. For this purpose, even in the case of direct lightning, DEHNshield comes in different versions to protect both the installation and the terminal devices on the power supply side. DEHNbox can be provided for telephone connection, for example via DSL / ISDN. This holder is sufficient to ensure safe operation of the DSL router. DEHNrail and BLITZDUCTOR®XT protect the control unit of the heating system, usually located in the basement.

If other distribution boards are available, DEHNguard® surge arresters should be installed.

Step two: Protection of terminal devices

The next step is to protect all terminal devices supplied by the various power supply systems by installing protective devices directly into their inputs. These terminal devices include TV, video and stereo equipment, as well as alarm and video surveillance systems. Antenna amplifiers can be protected using DEHNgate.

The gradual use of surge protection devices prevents damage and is more economical than you think.

Residential Buildings Protection

Office and administrative buildings are equipped with PCs, servers, networks and telecommunications systems. Since all business processes depend on these systems, the failure of these systems comes to a halt. In addition, building automation systems connected with bus systems such as KNX and LON are used in these buildings.

Protection of power supply systems It can be used to protect combined holding power supply systems such as DEHNvenCI and DEHNguard® surge arresters. DEHNrail, SFL Protector or DEHNsafe protects terminal devices against fluctuations and reduces induced voltages and switches over voltages to safe values.

Protection of information and telecommunications systems

Sufficient protection elements are required for both data and voice transmission to ensure safe operation. Networks are typically designed as universal cabling systems. Although fiber optic cables between the building and floor distributors are standard today, copper cables are usually installed between the floor distributor and the terminal device. Therefore, HUBs, bridges or switches must be protected by NET Protector LSA 4TP.

DEHNpatch cables are used to protect terminal devices. The DEHN equipotential bonding enclosure, which can be equipped with lightning current carrying LSA separation blocks and DEHNrapid® LSA plug-in SPD blocks, can be provided for information technology lines that extend outside the building.

To protect the telecommunications system, the NET Distributor can be installed on the floor distributor to protect the outgoing telephone lines on the system telephones. For system telephones, for example, a data protection module may be used.

Failure of building automation systems can have serious consequences. If the air conditioning system fails as a result of fluctuations, a data center may be disconnected or a server may need to be shut down.

Bus systems such as KNX / EIB or LON can be protected with BUStector, DEHNconnect or BLITZDUCTOR® XT.

Industrial Facilities Protection

Automation systems are standard in most industrial companies. If the automation system fails, production stops. This could bring a company to the brink of ruin.

Surge protection enhances operational safety

To increase operational safety, lines extending outside the building should be installed and maintained. The illustration shows an example of information transmission via the power supply system and Profibus and Industrial Ethernet.

The potential short circuit current must be taken into account for the power supply system. The coordinated DEHNbloc® Maxi S lightning current arresters are tested with short-circuit currents up to 100 kArm and are therefore ideal for industrial applications. BLITZDUCTOR® XT protects information technology lines even in the event of direct lightning.

Potential Islanding

The following applies to PLCs, AS interfaces, sensors, actuators and Ex barriers: Fluctuations must be balanced with all connected lines (potential nomenclature) in the device. Surge protection devices such as VNH, SPS Protector and DEHNrail modular master on the power supply side do this task.

For information technology lines, DEHNconnect, DEHNpatch, BLITZDUCTOR® XT or surge arresters can be used which can compensate for fluctuations in a microsecond matter. With interconnected equipotential bonding and earth termination system, downtimes due to fluctuations and interruption of operations can be prevented.

Lightning and surge protection is an investment that quickly pays off.

Security Systems Protection

Whether it is fire protection, burglary protection or emergency and escape route lighting: Electrical safety systems are safe only if they do not fail in the most common storms in summer. If lightning and surges destroy security systems and safety-related functions are no longer available, human life is at risk. Fluctuations can cause false alarms and high tracking costs. It is therefore vital to incorporate safety systems into the lightning and surge protection concept. To this end, manufacturers, consultants and installers must comply with legal and normative requirements.

No compromise on security!

More than 100 years of experience make DEHN a recognized expert in lightning and surge protection. Our top quality products have been approved by leading manufacturers of hazard alarm systems. Holders used in fire, burglar alarm and CCTV systems, for example, have been extensively tested in our in-house testing laboratory. Our tried-and-tested lightning and surge protection as well as grounding and equipotential bonding concepts have been developed by DEHN experts. DEHN products are VdS certified and provide a high quality grade that is continuously improved.