Effects of Lightning Rod

What is radioactive lightning rod and its effects

Radioactive lightning rods are produced from radium. Radioactive lightning rods which do not provide a clear benefit when compared with alternative techniques, prevent unnecessary accumulation of radioactive material due to the widespread use of radiation sources used. Due to the reasons such as stealing, stealing and changing of the users during the long usage years and easily reaching the hands of uninformed persons, taking into consideration the potential risks in terms of environment and human health, stopping the import and production of radioactive material is important for our country and human health.

What is radioactive lightning rod and its effects

Prohibited radioactive lightning rods have been replaced by active lightning rods. There are two types of active lightning rods.

A – Franklin France Lightning Rod The superiority of Franklin France active lightning rod is due to its characteristics. It is produced with piezoelectric crystal which is one of the natural minerals in nature. Piezoelectric crystals are not affected by lightning discharges and do not want maintenance. They are protected against positive and negative discharge of lightning. Tests are done with or without assembly. They are not affected by rain and electrical discharges in terms of their properties and thus do not deteriorate. Designed by Atomic Energy Authority. He has a patent from this institution. 25 years working and anti-rust guarantee.

B – Electrostatic Active Lightning Rod The types and shapes of these lightning rods are different. According to ISO standards, their countries have 25 years guarantee. They provide an effective protection area and provide protection from lightning. Active lightning rods with different construction techniques have effective protection areas.

What Is Faraday Cage And Its Effects

This protection can be achieved with any cage coated and grounded with conductive wires. Mesh density and grounding quality increase protection. The external electric field cannot affect the inside, such as lightning strikes, static electricity discharges pass through the conductors and do not splash in. External electric fields cannot influence inside. If the cage is made in the form of mesh, the narrower the mesh, the better protection it provides, and likewise does not impel external electromagnetic fields from outside to inside and from inside to outside. The narrower mesh can be used to resist high frequency electromagnetic waves. The wider mesh provides better wavelength (ie lower frequency) resistance to radio waves. The conductors must be well grounded for the cage to work.

In buildings where flammable explosives are stored

The exterior of this type of building is covered with lattice. Spikes are placed at high points outside the building. All conductors and pointed metals (lightning catches) are connected and grounded.

Radio-emitting devices

The cabinets where such devices are placed are grounded through the outer metal jacket so that the device does not emit interference radio signals to the environment.

In buildings with radio communication

A Faraday cage is built outside the building to prevent radio communication signals from leaking out and resting inside the building. Even if there is no radio communication in the building, it is possible to reproduce the image on a remote monitor by capturing and amplifying the signal, since CRT monitors emit the image as a weak radio wave. In the buildings, the ceiling is also made of beams made of iron bars, and since there are no iron bars on the walls, the base stations present a great health hazard on the buildings.

Radio frequency modules in electronic cards

Radio-television tuners, radio-transceiver modules such as GSM transceiver circuits or electronic circuit parts are covered with a sheet cover and grounded to prevent emitting disturbing signals to the electronic card and the working environment. According to the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) directive, such measures are obligatory. Electrical devices are not permitted to emit interference, either as a radio signal or via conductive lines.