Led Technology Protection

Long-life LED technology means less maintenance work and lower costs

Street lights are currently powered by many community and municipal services. Conventional lighting fixtures are primarily replaced by LEDs. Why is this conversion happening now? There are many reasons: financing programs, energy efficiency, prohibitions in certain lightning technologies, and of course lower maintenance for LED lighting fixtures.

Better protection for expensive technology

LED technology has many advantages. However, it has a lower overvoltage immunity than conventional armature technologies. Moreover, replacing LED luminaires is more expensive. In practice, damage analysis has revealed that fluctuations damage more than one LED street light at a time.

Avoid Failure

Include surge protection in your planning. Typical damage due to fluctuations may be partial or full failure of the LED module, destruction of the LED driver, loss of brightness, or failure of the entire control electronics. Even if the LED luminaire continues to operate, fluctuations often adversely affect service life.

Avoid unnecessary maintenance work and maintain usability with an effective bespoke surge protection concept. DEHNcord is the ideal holder for you – you can mount the IP20 version in the fuse box and the IP65 version.

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