Biogas Plants Protection

Advanced technology production facilities, often with fully automated processes, make it possible to use biomass to generate energy. These facilities are, by their nature, fully automated processes and procedures that are expensive and susceptible to disturbance. Because fermentation and gas tanks contain a mixture of gas and air, these parts of the plant are classified as potentially explosive.

There is a need for a reliable lightning and surge protection system to ensure the high availability and trouble-free operation of biogas plants.

The complete protection concept for the biogas plant includes:

– External lightning protection for fermentor

– Protection of gas preparation systems

– Surge protection for power supply systems

– Surge protection for data technology

– The insulated lightning protection system with high-voltage resistant HVI® conductor is particularly suitable for lightning protection.

– It is the most convenient way to maintain the separation distances to the conductive parts of the plant and to prevent dangerous sparks and glare.