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Lightning Rod and Lightning Protection Systems

Dehn Surge Arrester

Surge arresters are elements produced for high voltage. The surge arrester protects against surge voltage and protects electrical systems. You can get detailed information by contacting you.

External Lightning Systems

External lightning systems are the works of lightning protection of your buildings. Keep your buildings away from high voltage with external lightning systems!

Grounding Products

Dot lightning arrester provides all conductors, fasteners and all other system components for earthing products. All elements of earthing products are available.

About Lightning Rod

What is Lightning Rod?

Lightning rods, lightning strikes we see in the sky when they land on the earth systems that pull them. Some kind of lightning. Grounding systems are also available in a normal electrical installation. Lightning rod systems are much more advanced and larger systems. When we approach logically, lightning rods conduct electricity to the ground. Just like the electrical systems in our homes. Lightning arrester systems can be divided into different categories as lightning arrester types depending on their characteristics. All lightning protection systems, including external lightning systems, are intended to receive and transmit the electrical current in the sky in a safe and controlled manner to the ground and improvements have been made in this way. The lightning rod transmits the energy of lightning from the top of the building through the conductive wire in a pipe extending to the sky. The most commonly used lightning rod is the so-called active lightning rod. Contact us for your lightning rod prices. Let’s get back to you now.

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Nokta Paratoner Services

Standards Compliance and Reports

Dot lightning rod serves its customers in all products in compliance with IEC standards, Overvoltage and Lightning protection in accordance with all national and international standards and regulations and safely.

Product Warranty and After Sales Support

Dot lightning rod has a 5 year product warranty on the products it sells and the systems it has established. It provides measurements, reporting, system controls and re-commissioning services in the systems installed.

Dot Lightning Rod Special Solutions

It is not right for the customer to request the same system for each structure because every plant, each structure to be installed lightning rod is not the same. Our expert engineers perform risk analysis and product selection based on the structure, physical condition of the plant to be installed.

Engineer Calculations

All our systems comply with International Lightning Protection Standard. Our expert engineering team examines the structures and creates the IEC 62305 report as a result of the risk analysis and system designs they create.

Application With Expert Staff

Nokta Paratoner performs all its services with its expert engineer staff. External lightning systems, grounding systems, internal lightning and equipotential systems are built by expert teams in all buildings.


Lightning Protection Systems applied to facilities or structures are measured and checked by our professional engineers as a result of their analysis and generate a system report.


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